Second Life Audio Solutions

Play your MP3s in Second Life®

Are you looking for a way to play your personal collection of MP3′s in Second Life®? Look no further – you’ve just found the solution! With the Hermes range of audio players, not only can you play radio stations or Second Life® CDs, but you can also play your own MP3s in Second Life®. Find out all about our players here.

Publish and distribute your audio in Second Life®

The Hermes Workbench is Snowcrash Digital’s flagship product, allowing musicians, audio producers and educators to publish and distribute their content not only within Second Life®, but also to their end-users’ real world devices. This state-of-the-art user-friendly system has been Second Life’s leading audio solution since its launch in late 2007. Learn all about this popular system here.

Our distribution services for Second Life®

How about having all the advantages without the disadvantages? Sounds impossible? Not with our distribution services. Snowcrash Digital is happy to publish and distribute your audio content for you in virtual reality.Find out all about our Second Life distribution services here.